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Here's What You Can Do Today for More Money and More Time.
...And Ultimate Clarity On The Steps To Get There Fast. 


Application deadline: Wed, 19 October 2022 (midnight)

Application deadline:
Wed, 19 October 2022

We grant seats first-come-first-serve. 
To find out if you're a fit please apply for your free one-on-one call immediately, before all spots are gone. 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

  What We Do

Look… i want to clarify: This is not like any other program you’ve seen so far.

This is a business accelerator usually only available to tech startups, its what companies like AirBnB, Dropbox or Uber took advantage of at early phases.

And now, this is the first and only business accelerator for early-phase information product businesses. 

So... Here’s what you’re going to discover and IMPLEMENT if you’re selected for the 1M/Y Accelerator: 
  • The Super Simple "1M/Y" System that gives you full clarity on what to do when and how, so you’ll get rid of any overwhelm ...and instead know the steps to generate a LOT more revenue with less stress and a lot more fun
  • Our Ultimate “Generate More Profit Today” Cheatcode to discover your "money leaks" and replace them with "cash generators" immediately
  • ​​The “They’d Be Stupid Not To Buy” Irresistible Offer Blueprint, showing you how to tweak your products or services (in every detail), so you’re never again nervous about whether they would actually sell (because they sell!)
  • ​​"Proven Online Sales Flows That Work, Every Time!" so you finally have a complete, proven online sales setup that will work for you to sell any amount of your products and services, profitably
  • ​"The Only FB/IG Ads Program You'll Ever Need" so you can leverage ads in a way that is not confusing, does not over-expose you to the hiccups of Facebook and still lets you tap into those mega-audiences ...And how to do that yourself, without dealing with expensive agencies, or paying a so-called expert
  • ​How to be a ninja master of emails by using an Automated Double-Profits “Email Money Machine” that gets your mails delivered, loved and clicked you can get in front of your audience whenever you want (and sell to them every single day without spending a single cent)
But you don’t only want money, you also want more time. 

So I’ll show you: 
  • How to run your business without a big team, without investments, and without stress or any fear burning out ever again
  • How you can implement automation to free yourself from over 80% of the daily work without the hassles
  • ​Exactly what tools to use and how to set them up for success
And, last but not least, you’ll discover...
  • How to do all of that by completely ignoring that saying of “it takes money to make money” because there is a much better and actually super simple way.

  How We Do It

Everything here has one single goal: Get you to a million dollars a year. 

On the first day, we are making sure you get paid. 

Each week you will master one crucial element. I will show you exactly what to do and provide you with the steps to take, templates and frameworks that make it really easy.

But not just that, I will personally work with you and make sure that after 12 weeks, you have it all implemented, running as a well-oiled machine that is making you money. 

Here's how we'll do this: 
  • We'll work together in LIVE Zoom Workshops that are focused on getting work done, right away
  • ​You get access to videos and simple step-by-step blueprints that give you the details on each step to take. (You'll have unlimited access to the recordings, handouts, and templates) 
  • You will get the scripts, templates, and frameworks that I use so there will be no guesswork and you can hit the ground running
  • You'll have ONE-ON-ONE access to me so you can get help with anything you need, plus Ask-Me-Anything sessions to insure ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED
  • ​You'll meet some of the world's best online entrepreneurs at our Annual Meetups in the world’s most awesome locations like Dubai, Bangkok and Barcelona


  • A working business selling services, courses, coaching, consulting, masterminds, digital products or any other form of expertise, no matter at what price point.
    This is NOT a program for you if you mostly sell physical products and you should be making at least 100k$/year already so we can 5-10x what you have done so far. 
  • 3-5 hours per week for live sessions and trainings plus at least 5-10 hours per week for implementation.  
  • FOCUS: The methods you're learning are very foundational. You might be tempted by "shiny objects" or other distractions. Don't let that happen! If you follow the system in this accelerator, you WILL build a great business that sets you free... starting this year!


You’re protected by our guarantee

If you complete the program but don’t make your money back within 12 months we will refund every cent you paid us for this program …PLUS wire you $1,000 extra

ADDITIONALLY you will receive full access to my Inner Circle mastermind and community until you make it

We are doing this so you can be 100% confident that we will do our best to support you. This said we must note that this is business, and business has risks. Naturally, I cannot promise you any results other than a great learning experience as you discover a new and simple approach to building a business online

I'll be showing you what's working for me, my clients, some of the most successful freedom entrepreneurs and (literally) thousands of other businesses online ...and I'll help you implement it. But i'm certainly not implying you'll have the same experience I've had - there's no way anyone could predict that. I've been doing this since 2004 and one thing I can promise you is that everything always takes more work than we think it will at first. 

  Start Date & Time

It all starts with a (free) personal one-on-one call that you can schedule by clicking the "apply now" button

If you're accepted into the program you will get instant access to your first trainings

Kick-off (in Vienna, Austria with me personally, or from wherever you are LIVE via Zoom) is on November 14, 2022. 

From that day on we will work together for 12 weeks. These weeks will be in the months of November, December, January and February, with breaks to catch up and for the holidays. 


You can apply until Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Just note that we're accepting applicants on a first-come-first-serve basis.  

So if you want in, I strongly recommend you apply and schedule your (free) call with me immediately


I’ve previously sold this knowledge for $100,000. No kidding. 

Other business accelerators (none of which fit for an information products business) charge $37,000 and up, or they take equity (which is usually a huge struggle). 

Courses of this level will set you back tens of thousands of dollars, will not fit together and -- most importantly -- you will often get stuck with them and typically just not reach your goal. 

This is why you need a community and 1 on 1 support. But that is very hard to get at the level that you need. If you want access to me like that its at least $10,000 per month. 

The regular fee for the 1M/Y Accelerator is $9,500, which will likely increase to $15,000.

But if you apply now you can have access for our subsidized one-time fee of only $5,700.

Or 3 monthly payments of $1,970.  


Super Limited ...And Worth $4,764!

In addition to the complete 1M/Y Accelerator, the in-person Kick-Off, the LIVE Workshops, the Zoom sessions and Ask-Me-Anything calls, all templates, swipe files and personal support... (and our Annual Meetups in dream locations)

...when you apply today, you also get a full year (yes, 12 months!) FREE ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE INNER CIRCLE

This is full access to my, very exclusive, community that we run in our own app. 

And it includes two additional LIVE mastermind calls, each week.  

One weekly call where we keep ourselves accountable and make sure we hit our goals (VERY IMPORTANT). 

One weekly call where we take a deep dive into core essentials for online business success, either with me or with one of my mentors. 

Mentors who join you are THE BEST OF THE BEST. Like my man Ezra Firestone, who runs a highly successful online education business but also a 100M$ e-commerce empire (and is a really cool hippy dude). 

Or Zach Benson who controls Instagram accounts with over 200M followers and is the ninja behind some names you know too like Grant Cardone or Robert Kiyosaki

Other programs with such a level of help sell all the time for 10,000$ and more. 

The Inner Circle is 4,764$/year, but you can have it FREE when you act now.

The "Private Swipe Files"

This is my private collection of ads and online sales funnels that are used by some of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the information space.

Heck, this is the stuff that works, I use it too.

Its hard to put a price on that, but in some cases what i found in this swipe file has made me and my clients hundreds of thousands in revenue. If you apply now, i’ll share it with you for free. 

The "Full Circle Life" Course

I will also share with you (for free), access to my “Full Circle Life” mini-course

It’s my essence of how to live a really, really awesome life

It drives me nuts to see how many people waste their time on planet earth. 

Watch this and be happy. 

Its a perfect combination with the 1M/Y Accelerator and I usually don’t sell it anywhere

The "High-Conversion Phone Sales Script"

Not much to say about this. Use it and sell out your high ticket programs. 

You can literally close thousands of dollars with a single call if you use this structure. 

How much is it worth? Well for me tens of thousands $ per month

Its included for you as an accelerator member. And I will teach you exactly how to use it too. Its fun and very profitable, trust me on that. 

The "Always Know Your Numbers" Sheets

I’m adding (for you) a special section on tracking your numbers, so you can be sure that you are always on top of your money game

This includes my tracking template and a really simple setup. 

Not having a system like this in place could cost you a fortune. But I got you covered there too. Its included if you apply today.

The "Post-2022 Hiring Guide"

Hiring the wrong people is VERY expensive (I know, once I hired someone and when i needed to let him go he sued me for over $80,000). 

More importantly, bad hires will cost you so much time and energySo let me give you my 1-2-3 on how its done for the business you are in. 

I have never released this. Maybe i should sell it as a $1,000 course in the future (its probably worth so much more, actually). But for you, its included if you become part of the 1M/Y Accelerator.

First come, first serve. 
Application deadline coming soon:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Application deadline: Wed, 19 October 2022 (midnight)

Application deadline:
Wed, 19 October 2022

We grant seats first-come-first-serve. 
To find out if you're a fit please apply for your free one-on-one call immediately, before all spots are gone. 


Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise). I've not offered this program before so I can't tell you what a "typical" result would be.

What I do know is the vast and overwhelming majority of people who take classes about growing businesses and increasing their sales don't get any results at all. Kind of like the way most people who buy home exercise equipment don't look like the people in the commercials.

Also, this is a TRAINING intended to help BUSINESS OWNERS learn how to use the Internet to get more customers. It is NOT a "business opportunity". 

And finally, all business entails RISK. During the trainings and support of this program, I'll be showing you how to use advertising to attract customers. Advertising campaigns almost NEVER work at first. They usually require tweaking and adjustment. A great deal of our focus will be on doing this with minimal risk ...but the risk will still be present none the less.

If you're on this page it's likely you already know this and are well aware of these realities. 

But if you're not aware of these realities or you're expecting a miracle or something ...this is unquestioningly NOT it. 

This will require WORK, COMMITMENT, and most importantly, PERSEVERANCE. All this "online business" and "internet marketing" stuff is harder than it looks. So get ready to put in the work and stick it out. If you're not committed (or aren't comfortable with the idea of advertising etc), I'd advise you to pass on this. 
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